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I have a passion for cooking and food that started many years ago after working in Europe for a medical device company. I was amazed at how I could walk into the tiniest establishment and always find great food and wonderful, cheap wine. When I returned to the US, I started cooking for friends and learning as much as I could about cooking from books and local classes.

The next step in my education was a honeymoon dinner at the French Laundry in 1999. By sheer luck and persistent calling two months in advance, I secured three hours of dining perfection. That Christmas, my wife bought Keller's cookbook for me and it was my main source for countless dinner parties.

I've always wanted to write about cooking and food, but I've never made it a priority. That changed after driving seventy-five miles one-way to pick up caul fat to wrap scallops for a dinner party. During the drive, I vowed to make time for my writing and cooking.